Funny Guys Get the Girls August 23 2012

Ever wonder how your less-than-perfect friend landed such an awesome girlfriend or bride?  According to recent research, chances are that he has a great sense of humor. Two studies both confirmed that women find funny men to be better potential partners, so much so that humor overrides other imperfections. Mom was wrong, apparently being the class clown pays off!

And, it’s fitting that while women tend to favor men who are funny, men prefer women who think they are humorous – in other words, a girl who will sincerely laugh at his jokes.  Since science has said that women subconsciously choose a mate that has the best genetic makeup for making babies, it is interesting that funny wins out over masculine good looks and big muscles. The theory is that a quick wit implies a broader intelligence and ability to be a worthy provider.  Being funny pays!  How else do you think some of the world’s funniest but not-so-attractive comedians land the pretty ladies?!

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