Favorite Guy Food for the Football Season September 01 2012

Football watching in the man cave and snacking go hand-in-hand. Whether you are watching an NFL game or your college Alma matter, the experience just isn’t complete without a spread of good guy food to eat. Forget about baby green salads and low-cal desserts, there is no pretense that any of your buddies want to noshing on anything but cheesy, ooey-gooey, finger-linking good guy food. And, if you’ve been invited to a game day football party, remember to arrive hungry and with a decent football guy gift for the host that will be generously filling you full of food, drink and gridiron goodness.

Favorite Guy Food for the Football Season

Queso and Chips

You don’t have to root for Green Bay Packers to enjoy putting a little cheese on the table. Queso dip and tortilla chips, inspired by the ever-popular south-of-the-border appetizer, makes every guy happy! Plus, the recipe is simple enough for the cooking newbie to pull off. Just add a loaf of American cheese and jar of salsa to a bowl, microwave, stir and – viola, your football food is ready!  

Pigs in a Blanket

These little sausages snuggled in a bready roll are the perfect finger food for watching the pigskin get thrown around on a field by grown men. hors d’oeuvres. To make, simply wrap cocktail weenies in premade refrigerated crescent roll or biscuit dough and bake. If you want to get fancy, slit open the sausage before wrapping and slip in some cheese or a Jalapeno.


Pizza is the go-to guy food for football watching for a couple reasons. It’s so dang good, comes in enough varieties to suit everyone (but why would you want anything but ‘meat lovers’?), and is conveniently no-cook thanks to delivery services. Proof positive that pizza is tops with football fans – the phones ring of hook when the AFC takes on the NFL. To put the massive pizza party in perspective, Domino’s Pizza (not the only chain we love) says their franchises alone deliver at least 9 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday.

Chicken Wings

For many guys, chicken wings set the standard in gridiron grub.  Men have a couple options in getting this favored football food on the table – grilling or calling a favorite wing joint.  Remember to make or order these little messy, marvelous appetizers in mass.  Guys just seem to lose track of how many they’re eating – or just don’t care!