Useful Holiday Gifts for Practical Guys November 27 2012

The holidays are approaching at a rapid rate and you may have started to worry about what to give the guy in your life. Every man I know loves things that are practical and simple, unfussy items that offer a utilitarian value that he’ll use day after day, year after year. Women tend to give gifts for men that miss this mark and come with the subtle (or in your face) message that they’d like you to change in some way. For example, a woman might pick a jacket or sweater from the latest designer cut in the latest style and color because she thinks the guy could dress a little better. However, most guys would rather just have a new hoodie to stay warm, not the GQ jacket  -- am I right?

At, we have loads of straightforward yet super-cool gifts that will make a man sincerely smile this holiday season. You won’t have to worry about your gift ending up in the back of the closet or Goodwill pile any longer! Check out these top picks for useful gifts any guy would like:

Pocket Knives: Whether he’s an avid outdoorsman or just likes to tinker about the house, a pocket knife or multi-function tool is literally a cut above most other gifts for men. He can slice, he can dice; he can even pick a lock or saw off his arm in an emergency situation with a pocket knife. Plus, many of the fancy multi-function tools come with implements that are always great to have on hand, such as a toothpick, flashlight or bottle opener.

Personalized Beer Mugs: Elevate his beer-drinking experience with a manly beer mug bearing his initials, favorite sports logo or other personalized touch. Aluminum cans, glass bottles and cheap plastic cups just cannot compete! Yes, there is a possibility that he already owns a beer mug, but that’s the great thing about gifting these drinking vessels – a man can never, ever have too many. Who knows when then next spontaneous gathering of beer drinkers will be ringing the doorbell?

Travel Accessories:  In this go-go-go world, there’s no arguing that a man needs to be ready to head out of town for business or pleasure. That’s why travel accessories, from personalized luggage tags to toiletry kits, make such excellent gifts for men. Plus, many of these items will be used day in and day out for carrying must-have gear to the gym or office.