Low-Budget Lotharios Love Fast Food on February 14th March 05 2013

Low-Budget Lotharios Love Fast Food on February 14thWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you may be looking for that special place to wine and dine your sweetie. But if you’re in a bind and on a budget, what’s a guy to do? Many restaurants take advantage of February 14th jack up their prices on everyday entrees or push expensive prix-fixed menus as the only dining option. This practice is highway robbery at best, and certainly no gift for men trying to stay out of the red. Taking her to a steak house will fillet your wallet wide open and the only catch-of-the-day at a snazzy seafood restaurant will be you, poor sucker, as they hook you with the idealistic ambiance and reel you in with gallons of guilt. But if you’re looking for a less-expensive way to celebrate with dinner on this quintessential day of love, you have to think outside the box – err, actually you have to think inside the box this time!

The White Castle hamburger chain will be transforming into “Love Castle” on the evening of February 14th.  The sweet aroma of onion sliders will permeate the air as penny-pinching patrons bring their special someones in to feast on a special $10 Share-a-Meal menu that let them indulge their passion for the steamy mini meat patty on a bun. Plus, fries on the side, all the soda you can suck down, and fancy themed decorations and keepsake menus;  it’s a fantasy come true for fevered fans of the first fast-food hamburger chain started back in 1921. Available in more than 400 locations across 12 states, please take note that this evening of romance does require an official phone-in reservation. You can also send your beloved a White Castle-themed invite via Facebook to this dinner experience; because why not? My favorite message is "Can you feel the steamy heat between us? Oh, wait. That’s just the sliders."

White Castle isn’t the only establishment looking out for the more low-budget Lotharios out there. Every year in honor of Valentine’s Day, Papa John’s Pizza (among other chains) promotes heart-shaped pizzas for pick-up or delivery. For a mere 15 dollars you can send your honey a heart-shaped pepperoni pizza along with a “Cinapie” for dessert. Who needs ginormous rose bouquets, nothing says “I love you” with more heart (burn) felt sentiments than a doorstep delivery of hot cheese on a doughy crust. Now, that’s amore!  The only nitpicky negative we’ve heard about these heart-shaped, artery-busters is that they don’t really look that heart-shaped. It’s more like a round pizza with a downward dent at the top. For a special touch, you can present the pie on our personalized pizza board along with a nice cold brew in an engraved beer mug for that authentic pizza joint feel.

If you don’t like heading out for grub on Valentine’s Day or even ordering in, you can grill up a delicious meal for your one-and-only. Or, have her cook; now that’s the ultimate gift for men who aren’t that great in the kitchen. But, if she’s not into guy gifts and you are doing the grilling, you need to check out all our awesome grilling gifts for men, treat yourself to a few, and figure out how you can incorporate them into the evening. For example, a memorable menu idea is to snatch up some steaks on sale at the grocery store and sear them with our HIS and HERS steak brands. Not only does the carnivorous message impart the mad skills of a Top Chef, it puts her on notice that the petite fire-kissed filet is hers, not the 16-ounce T-bone!

So where will you be going for dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Are you a spare-no-expense big spender or do you like to keep close tabs on the tab?  Let us know in the comments below.