Bourbon Company Leaves a Bad Taste with Customers March 13 2013

Bourbon Company Leaves a Bad Taste with CustomersThere has been a lot of drama in the bourbon world in the past few weeks, especially if you’re a fan of the brand Maker’s Mark. The popular spirit, distilled in Loretto, Kentucky, has long been known for its distinctive square bottle, red wax seal, and alcohol content a guy could get a good buzz from – U.S. 90 proof (that would be 45% alcohol by volume). But, in an unprecedented move, the company announced in mid-February that it would be reducing the alcoholic content of its flagship spirit from 45 percent to 42 percent (meaning it’s now 84 proof). Gasp! Apparently, the company, face with a large demand for the product decided that it would be okay to “stretch the supply” by watering down the liquor by three percent. Pretty sure they didn’t cut the price to reflect the lower content, of course.

But, as you can imagine, customers of the whiskey were not happy with the decision, although executives at the company insist that there was no discernible change in the taste.  Patrons of the product reached out to the company in record numbers, leaving thousands of disgruntled messages via phone, letter and social media outlets. Basically, the collective sentiment was that “you don’t mess with a man’s whiskey.” So, in a conciliatory gesture, the distillery turned off the hose on the watering plan and will deal with meeting demand the expected way – wait until production can catch up and don’t change a thing!

Those more skeptical even suggest that the blunder was really a marketing ploy similar to the 1980s New Coke fiasco. You may remember when Coca-Cola messed with the original recipe, were the target of a consumer backlash, put the original product back on the market and ultimately enjoyed customers coming back in droves – with even greater fandom than before.  Of course, Maker’s Mark executives insist that there were no intentions of this sort in play.

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What do you think of Maker’s Mark “watering down” fiasco? What is your favorite brand of bourbon? Let us know in the comments below.