Father’s Day Gifts to Make Grilling Greater June 18 2013

Father’s Day Gifts to Make Grilling GreaterIn my opinion, there are two categories of family men in this world. The first category is those fathers who love to grill while the second category is those guys who don't. As a passionate griller myself, it’s hard to understand why any guy wouldn’t love to grill. I mean, the thrill of starting a fire and keeping it going, the actual selection of meat amongst a vast range of cut, the sound of the sizzle and the smells wafting upward to the nostrils – what’s not to like?

Plus, as a dad, there are other perks of grilling. You get to hang in the great outdoors while your kids play around on the lawn and thereby escape from any indoor chores that might be going on. You often get hot standing next to the fire and this overheating can require you to cool down with a nice, ice-cold beer. And, you also can take credit for cooking the entire meal, even if you didn’t do any of the prep work.  

The primary reason why those few rare men don’t like to grill is probably because they have sub-par, cruddy grilling equipment and accessories. If you want to surprise him with a new grill to replace his little hibachi, I’m sure he’d be thrilled. But we hope your budget is big, many top-of-the-line grills can cost thousands of dollars. However, you can surprise the dad in your life more economically this Father’s Day. The goal is to hook him up with all the things he needs to make grilling a fulfilling experience in every way! Here are a few popular choices in grilling gifts for Father’s Day:

“Dad” steak brand makes a fun choice in Father’s Day gifts. As dear ole pop grills up his favorite steaks, he can sear in the letters D – A – D right into the hunk of meat. This makes sure that everyone knows that DAD is king of the grill. At Guyville.com, we also have many other steak irons to please dad including college logos, monograms, money signs, happy faces and numerous other pictorial versions. 

Protect dad with a handmade leather grilling glove; it’s what to wear when serious grilling is going on. Crafted from rugged, thick leather, this BBQ mitt keeps a guy’s “grilling hand” safe from the blazing fire, intense heat and unexpected splattering juices. Dad will appreciate how it’s lined in comfy fleece, but still has that rugged, he-man look on the exterior.

Our etched cutting board gives your dad a place to park his carnivorous project after it’s been grilled up to perfection. Grilling experts recommend letting a steak or roast rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing up – it gives the internal juices time to redistribute and protect tenderness. This personalized, fine-wood cutting board also has deep grooves around the outside meant to trap any escaping liquid from messing up the counter or table tops.

Culinary experts wear white coats on the job, pastry chefs wear tall hats. Give your dad a “uniform” for his grilling with our personalized leather grilling apron. This quality leather layer keeps dad’s clothing neat and tidy while offering protection from the fire and sauce-sloppin.’ A tasteful choice in Father’s Day gifts for men who like to flip burgers and chops on the Barbie.

So do you have grilling plans for Father’s Day? We’d love to hear what your favorite piece of grilling gear is in the comments below.