Get Tankard! German Dads Guzzle Beer on Father’s Day July 17 2013

In the United Sates, celebrating Father’s Day includes sleeping in a bit followed by the kids serving you breakfast in bed. Afterward it would be customary to do something together as a family like head to the park or catch a movie. Some of the luckiest men around score a responsibility-free afternoon to play a round of golf or go fishing with friends. But, seeing as Father’s Day falls on the day before the dreaded work and school-filled Monday, the most wives are probably demanding that their spouse get home at a reasonable hour. Only the rarest of men with children still living at home is let off the leash to go drinking all day and night with the guys.


However, in Germany, where beer drinking is a nearly a national sport, celebrating Father’s Day with round-the-clock drinking seems to be the norm more than the exception. Apparently tens of thousands of men convene over various part of the country to “hike” through the countryside and pull wooden wagons filled with beer, schnapps and other boozy beverages. Men in the cities don’t bother with the hiking, they just party in the streets. The holiday doesn’t follow the American calendar for Father’s Day (which is the 3rd Sunday of June) but is instead observed on Ascension Day, falling 43 days after Easter.


Officially called “Männertag, which translates as "men's day," this holiday doesn’t discriminate on based on paternal status. Männertag  is open to any guy whether he has his name listed in the as “father” on a birth certificate or not. Rooted in the Christian-based Ascension Day that has long featured processions into the farmlands, this modern-day Männertag has turned into a guy’s hall pass to get drunk and pass out.


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