Top 10 Beer and Whiskey Gifts of 2014 December 03 2014

There's plenty of men's gifts out there to choose from, but finding the right one... therein lies the problem. Here at Guyville we've compiled a list of the top gifts of the year to help you on your way. There's plenty of lists out there, but our list stands out because our team of guys picked only the manliest, most unique, and flat out awesome gifts.

#1 BeerTender ($130)

I'm sure you've seen those Heineken or Newcastle Draught Kegs. The BeerTender allows you to keep them cold and display them proudly rather than tucked away in your icebox. Go all out by adding some personalized glassware to round out the gift.

#2 Personalized Whiskey Barrel ($72-$92)

Truly one of the most popular gifts of the year, this classy oak barrel is available in 3 sizes and makes the perfect addition to any bar or man cave.

#3 Home Brew Kit ($45-$111)

A great gift for any beer fanatic, home brew kits have become extremely popular over the past few years. There's plenty out there to choose from, and for a variety of experience levels. The Mr. Beer Kit is perfect for the beginner, and is available at Guyville with a set of personalized pint glasses to take the gift up a notch.

#4 Personalized Wall Bottle Opener ($36)

A great addition for any man cave or bar, a custom wall mounted bottle opener adds the perfect combination of style and convenience. Better yet, you'll never have to search for that opener again.

#5 Whiskey Stones ($6-$25)

A whiskey drinker knows there's nothing worse than watering down a good whiskey. Whiskey stones provide a good way to cool down your beverage without having to worry about that. Pair it with a set of personalized lowball whiskey glasses for a distinguished gift.

#6 Das Horn ($25)

One of the more unique drink vessels available out there, Das Horn is the ultimate drinking horn. No more boring pint glasses, just the satisfaction of drinking like a viking. And don't worry about setting it down, Das Horn comes with a neck strap so your drink is readily available.

#7 Whiskey Ice Balls or Wedges ($6-$20)

Another alternative to whiskey stones, the large size of an ice ball or a large wedge means the ice melts slower... cooling your drink your preserving the flavor of the whiskey. Pair it with a set of personalized whiskey glasses for a great gift.

#8 Beer of the Month Club ($25+ per month)

More and more are popping up everyday, as these monthly beer subscriptions become increasingly popular. Imagine having a variety of craft beer delivered to your door on a monthly basis. This is a gift any beer lover will really appreciate. If you still want the guy to have an actual gift to open, a subscription goes great with a personalized beer flight sampler so they can enjoy their beers the right way.

#9 Beer Cookbook ($10-$15)

Since the beginning of time (probably) people have been cooking with beer. Now, not every beer lover is savant in the kitchen, but every beer lover is a fan of great taste. That's where the Beer Cookbook comes in. There's plenty of these out there, and all at a nice low price range so these would be great as part of a gift set, maybe along with a personalized bottle opener or personalized cutting board.

#10 Beer Tasting Flight ($54)

Beer fanatics and home brewers alike love nothing more than sharing and showing off their latest discoveries and creations. They'll be able to host their own tasting party with a couple personalized beer flight samplers.