8 of the Craziest Bloody Marys You'll Ever Gaze Upon May 24 2015

Brunch cocktail, breakfast drink, hangover cure... Bloody marys are a long time favorite, but these here take it to a whole new level entirely. You can hardly even call these drinks, some are entire meals in their own right... delicious, epic meals.


The Bloody Best

The Nook, Atlanta, GA

 The Bloody Best could almost be referred to as a meat lover's bloody, loaded with ample amounts of bacon, steak, and beef sticks... no complaints here.


The Bloody Homer

Icehouse, Minneapolis, MN

 A tip of the cap to everyone's favorite animated series.  Is that a candied-bacon-encrusted doughnut I see?  I'm in love.


Crawfish Boil Bloody

 The southern-inspired Crawfish Boil bloody brings a bit of Louisiana to your glass.  A mason jar is required for this one.


The Bloody Masterpiece

Sobelman's, Milwaukee, WI

 The Bloody Masterpiece, for lack of better words is well, a masterpiece.  I'm always down for a drink that considers a cheeseburger a garnish.  Bonus points earned here for the massive chaser.


The Bloody Mary Flight

Bluephies, Madison, WI

 Sometimes you get quantity, sometimes you get quality.  In the case of Bluephies Bloody Mary Flight, you get the best of both worlds, with three unique bloody mixes served up as a flight.


The Hotel Madeline Bloody

Hotel Madeline, Telluride, CO

 I don't even know what to say... I hope you're hungry.  Not one, but two burgers accompany this gorgeous bloody.


Checkmate Caesar

Score on Davie,Vancouver, BC

 Checkmate indeed!  Possibly the bloody mary to end all bloody marys.  Mac-and cheese foot-long, half a dozen wings, onion rings, giant slaw burgers... the list goes on and on.  But what really pushes the Checkmate Caesar over the edge is the fact that desert is included.  That's right, this is the only bloody I've ever seen that includes  a generous slice of chocolate cake.


The Epic Bloody

O'Davey's Irish Pub & Restaurant, Fond du Lac,WI

The Epic Bloody from O'Davey's is a mid-western favorite, and you can probably tell from the photo above exactly why.  The Epic isn't just monstrous in size, but also very creative in it's choice of ingredients.  O'Davey's is currently looking for a new spot, but fear not because the Epic Bloody Mary's creator is off to greener pastures, and still cranking out these magnificent cocktails.  You can check out her Facebook page to see more of these beauties.


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