Guyville's List of the Best Summer Brews July 30 2014

Summer's Best Brews:

It’s difficult to find that one summer brew that everyone in the group will love and will keep you refreshed whether its a weekend camping trip or a summer pool party. But with the explosion of new beers and breweries popping up each year the market is making it easier to satisfy the taste buds of all the beer lovers in your group. We now bring you four of of favorite summer beers found at just about every corner liquor store and bar patio.


Bell’s Oberon Ale:

One of my favorite summer beers each year is Bell’s Oberon. The beer is a fruity-sweet but perfectly balanced summer option for the beach or a day working around the house. The new 4 packs offer 16 ounce cans are the perfect companion on a hot summer day. But if you looking to entertain a few more people check out the 5 liter mini keg. These kegs are great to bring to a party or the beach and because they feature a cool new design each year they have become quite the collectors item. If you’re looking for a great crisp, drinkable beer with the convenience of choosing between bottles, cans or the mini keg, Oberon Ale will have you coming back to the Bell’s summer staple brew all summer long.


Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA:

Love at first sip! This is my new go to summer beer and it really does have it all... the aroma, the gorgeous appearance and that wonderful refreshing taste. With just the perfect amount of fruitiness this beer gets its flavor from a generous helping of Citra and Mosaic hops. The unique and well balanced flavor changes slightly as the beer warms up, but unlike other beers, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the slight flavor change remains very drinkable throughout. Deschutes continues to put out great beers but this still ranks among my favorites. To top it all off,  beginning this year Deschutes will offer Fresh Squeezed year round. So thanks a lot for that Deschutes, now here you go… please keep taking my money.

21st Amendment “Hell or High Watermelon” Wheat:

For the past couple summers my neighborhood tavern has had this tasty, watermelon infused beer on tap and served accompanied with a slice of watermelon. This is truly one fantastic wheat beer to enjoy while sitting on the patio on a summer evening. The true beauty of this  beer is the watermelon flavor itself which is quite subtle, yet somehow its also easily noticeable from your very first sip.  Along with offering a great summer brew, the can itself is quite awesome, as are most of 21st Amendments beer can lineup. There are plenty of fruit flavored beers on the market but very few featuring the unique taste of watermelon and this is easily the best of the bunch.


Founders All Day IPA:

If you enjoy your beers with a nice hoppy tone but are looking to pack a cooler full of beers that you can drink all day long, look no further. The appropriately named beer from Founders is ideal for the hop lover who doesn’t mind a super clean and mostly lightweight hop flavor that doesn’t overdo it. The perfect balance of spruce and citrus balance out the hoppy front end notes and a nice bitterness finishes off the experience. This is one of the safest bets for bringing on the weekend camping trip with your beer snob buddies as it will satisfy with its flavor yet remain drinkable all weekend long. My beer fridge is rarely without at least a handful of All Day IPA’s during the summer months.