7 Chick Flicks Guys Just Might Be Able to Stomach This Valentine's Day February 05 2014


This Valentine's Day, countless guys will get tricked, forced, baited, and bribed into sitting down with their girl to watch the dreaded chick flick.  This list should serve as a guide to make it a little bit more bearable for guys out there.  Yes, they're still chick flicks... and at the end of the day we'd still prefer 90 minutes of face-punching and explosions over a corny love story,  but if you're making a sacrifice and sitting down to watch a chick flick with your girl, here's some that you just might be able to stomach... maybe.


1.  When Harry Met Sally (1989)

A fun, up-and-down story  of acquaintances who go their separate ways, become friends years later, and then become more than that. 


Why She'll Love It:

The idea of fate bringing two meant-to-be lovers back in each other paths time and time again until they eventually wind up happily ever-after is a story she's played over time and time again in her head.  Whether she admits it or not.  


Why He Might Be Able to Stomach It:

The smart comedy, witty banter, and fast-paced conversations deliver frequent comic relief from the love story.  This might be some of Billy Crystal's best work.


2.  Friends With Benefits (2011)

I've managed to avoid having to watch this one as of yet, so I'm going to go with IMDB on this one: "While trying to avoid the clichés of Hollywood romantic comedies, Dylan and Jamie soon discover however that adding the act of sex to their friendship does lead to complications."


Why She'll Love It:

Girls can live vicariously through the main characters as try their best at a purely-physical relationship.  Something most girls would never try in the real world.


Why He Might Be Able To Stomach It:

Two words... Mila. Kunis.


3.  Hitch (2005)

Will Smith plays a professional match maker or wing man type character who finds his own advice useless when he starts falling for Sara (Eva Mendes).


Why She'll Love It:

She'll get a kick out of the lengths guys will go to impress the ladies.  There also may be a message in there about being yourself and true love or something like that, not sure... (Remember, I'm a guy watching a chick flick)


Why He Might Be Able To Stomach It:

While not exactly a good movie overall, Smith is always pretty bearable to watch (Except for Hancock.  Never, ever watch Hancock) and the inevitable love story is light enough that most guys will have no problem toughing it out.


4.  Love Actually (2003)

It's the story of eight different couples and the different kinds of love they're looking for.  The movie bounces around between story lines, but in a way that totally works.


Why She'll Love It:

With multiple setups and scenarios, she's bound to find at least one she can relate to.


Why He Might Be Able To Stomach It:

For the same reason, this might be the only movie on the list that he'll actually relate to and get something out of the storyline.  And if not, it's objectively one of the better movies on this list... which for a list of chick flicks isn't saying much, but still.


5.  Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)

Steve Carell gets pick up advice from Ryan Gosling.  Hilarity ensues.


Why She'll Love It:

There's not much here she won't love.  Ryan Gosling, a heartfelt storyline, and awkward situations rounded out with some pretty quality comedy.


Why He Might Be Able to Stomach It:

Out of this entire list, this one is the closest I'll come to actually recommending it to another guy.  The advice and lessons Gosling lends Carell, while probably not applicable, creates some great moments.


6.  Bridesmaids (2011)

A varied group of girls prepare for their friends big day when they start competing over who's the bride's best friend.  There's chaos, friendship, and plenty of humor.


Why She'll Love it:

Most girls will relate to the whole "I'm a better friend than you are" competition in one way or another.  Plus this thing is packed full of inside jokes that I think you'd have to be a woman to truly appreciate, judging by the laughter in the theater.


Why He Might Be Able to Stomach It:

Melissa McCarthy delivers a gut-busting performance, and the rest of the cast isn't bad either.  There's also a bit of physical comedy that you don't see too often anymore.


7.  Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Jason Segel takes a tropical vacation to try and forget about his ex... only to wind up at the same resort as his ex and her new boyfriend.


Why She'll Love It:

She likes to imagine her significant other completely melting down if they ever left, and they like it that way.  Combine that with the summer love-turned-real-thing relationship between Segel and Kunis and you got a winner.


Why He Might Be Able to Stomach It:

Again, two words... Mila. Kunis.