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Office Gifts for Men (14 men's gifts)

  • Men's Personalized Valet Box

  • $46 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Control the clutter with our Men's Personalized Valet Box, a handsome and handy solution to a dresser top littered with important "junk." Organize everything in style, from watches and cufflinks...

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  • Personalized Leather Business Card Holder

  • $44 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Our Personalized Leather Business Card Holder provides a powerful parking spot for his cards, distinguished enough to grace the mahogany desk of the biggest business mogul in town. He's worked...

  • Personalize
  • Personalized Keep-All Tray

  • $43 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Who says that you can't have style, be organized and still have masculine qualities out of gifts for men? Impossible you say? We would like to introduce you to our...

  • Personalize
  • Personalized Nappa Leather Writing Padfolio

  • $128 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Put away your laptop or PDA and write down your thoughts and "to-dos" the retro way with our Personalized Nappa Leather Writing Padfolio. Never needs a recharging or WiFi hotspot;...

  • Personalize
  • Personalized Deluxe Pocket Jotter in Nappa Leather

  • $52 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Men have things to do, places to go, people to see. Help him keep everything straight when you give him the Personalized Nappa Leather Deluxe Pocket Jotter. This is the...

  • Personalize
  • Personalized Leather Double Pen Case

  • $57 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Treat your writing instruments to a posh parking spot when not in use with our Personalized Leather Double Pen Case. A richly appointed retreat for your collectible quality pens and...

  • Personalize
  • Personalized Nappa Leather Business Card Case

  • $31 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • We love fashion, and we respect good taste. We offer both of those things in one clever gifts for men idea with the Nappa Leather Business Card Case. If he...

  • Personalize
  • Junior Leather Writing Padfolio

  • $91 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Put down your PDA and take notes the old-fashioned way with our Personalized Leather Junior Writing Padfolio. Destined to become a constant companion, this handy little writing pad offers up...

  • Personalize
  • Personalized Zip Around Nappa Leather Padfolio

  • $334 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • For the executive who really needs all of his important essential business items in one, concise place, we recommend the Nappa Leather Padfolio. These are gifts for the men who...

  • Personalize
  • Personalized Leather Desk Blotter

  • $144 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Our Personalized Leather Desk Blotter creates a fine foundation for all great works. The perfect spot to balance the books, write the first chapter of that great American novel or...

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  • Personalized Leather Desk Accessory Tray

  • $51 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Tame the chaos of your disheveled desk with our Personalized Leather Desk Accessory Tray, a must-have addition for any man's office space. From new graduates to seasoned executives, one of...

  • Personalize
  • Personalized Nappa Leather Deluxe Five Watch Box

  • $163 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • The watch is the single most important accessory in the guy wardrobe. All guys wear them and they wear them with anything, whether it's jeans and a t-shirt or a...

  • Personalize
Personalized Men's Gift Guide

Personalized Men's Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for a guy can be a daunting task. The way it usually ends up working out is that the more you care about the person, the more effort you put into finding the gift...Personalized Men's Gift Guide

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