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Engraved Flasks (25 men's gifts)

Engraved flasks are a “hip” gift for guys, a discrete and dashing way to take a little sip of spirits when he’s away from home or his favorite hangout. While the flask dates back to the Middle Ages and were first made from pig bladders, these diminutive decanters for alcohol have become increasingly popular thanks to the Prohibition era of the 1920s when drinking the hard stuff had to go undercover. Always a tasteful choice for men, a gift flask can be engraved with the recipient’s name, initials or monogram – even a special quote -- for a memorable touch. Plus, engraved flasks emblazoned with a guy’s name say “hands off”, this booze belongs to me!
  • Engraved Tan Hide-Stitch Flask

  • $35 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Reminiscent of trail rides and tall tales, our Engraved Tan Hide-Stitch Flask makes a mighty-fine companion when away from home. Rugged with a manly feel, this must-have hip flask ain't...

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  • Personalized Gunmetal Flask

  • $34 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • You may not always drink liquor, but when you do, it should be from our Personalized Rich Gunmetal Flask. While some drinking vessels may be flashy and follow the trend...

  • Personalize
  • Torrance Leather Flask - Personalized

  • $39 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • There are flasks and then there's the Torrance Leather Flask that really puts most others to shame. There is something so 'guy-like' in gifting a high quality leather flask like...

  • Personalize
  • Personalized High Shine Flask

  • $32 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Why the Flask you say? In the roaring twenties..when booze was forbidden, the flask was the ideal container for liquor that could be hidden in a man's boot or a...

  • Personalize
  • Executive Leather 8-Ounce Flask - Personalized

  • $49 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Styled with a gentlemans touch, our Personalized Executive Leather Flask Set makes taking a swig a classy experience. Fill with a perfectly aged bourbon or straight up tequila, our engraved...

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  • Personalization Flask and Zippo Lighter Gift Combo

  • $55 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • The Personalized Flask & Zippo Lighter Gift set is truly a throwback to a different era. A personalized compact brushed finished flask allows him to carry his favorite libation discreetly...

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  • Leather Cigar & Flask Set - Personalized

  • $78 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Some of the "perfect pairings" in a guy's world includes steak and potatoes, football and beer, and stogies and scotch. If the latter is one of your down-time duos, then...

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  • Personalized Black Matte Flask for Guys

  • $34 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Back in black! Men always return to their favorites; thats why our Personalized Black Matte Flask for Guys is a repeat treat! Perfect for all those occasions when a little...

  • Personalize
  • Triangular Personalized Flask

  • $45 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Personalized flasks are guy gifts that are always appreciated. If a personalized flask is something you are looking for then this Triangular Flask will add a stunningly sleek design to...

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Personalized Men's Gift Guide

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