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Gifts, Ideas & Wisdom for Guys

Remembering Sports Events with Dad
May 02 2012

You may have fond memories of your father taking you to watch sporting events as a child, I know I do. The sadness of having one sports season end was tempered with the happiness of knowing that another was about to begin – from football, to basketball to baseball and then back to football again. Indoctrinating a kid into the wonderful world of sports is one of the greatest gifts for...

Has Dad Lost His Wallet? Replace it for Father’s Day
April 11 2012

Have you ever lost your wallet? If so, it’s a complete disaster – not just because of cash that will never be seen again, but also the chore of canceling credit, ATM and identification cards. When I lost my wallet last year, perhaps the most painful item to go missing was the customer loyalty card I had at the Burger Barn – just one more stamp and I could have...

Lonely Guys (and Flies) Hit the Sauce
April 02 2012

Strange but true, it turns out that spurned men and fruit flies have quite a bit in common – both species turn to the booze when given the ‘not tonight, dear’ brushoff. A recent study conducted by the journalScience reports that biology can explain the similarities between frustrated flies and guys. So polish off that ale in your all-to familiar personalized beer mug and check out the video. To prove the...

Father's Day Gifts for Outdoor Dad
March 30 2012

Spring is in full swing – heck, summer is almost here! That’s means thinking about Father’s Day gifts should be at the top of your to-do list. Washing the family car and mowing the lawn can wait, help dear ole dad take is mind off those warm-weather chores by setting him up with some mighty-fine, mighty fun gifts for men on this important day. In fact, since the temperatures are...

Gifts for Guys, What Would Obama Give?
March 28 2012

It’s interesting what gifts heads of state, including our own Barack Obama, exchange with each other to mark the occasion of an official visit. Quite literally, these are gifts for men and women that rule! There was the time that Obama famously gave the low-tech Queen Elizabeth an iPod loaded with photos of one of her stateside visit. In return, he received an engraved silver frame with a signed photograph of her...

Baseball Season Almost in Full Swing
March 15 2012

Miss the sweet sound of the bat cracking or the Cracker Jack popping? Good news, the start of Major League Baseball season is upon us; yes, the boys of summer are springing into action beginning March 28, 2012 with the first of a two game series between the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. Stateside play for the regular MLB season begins on April...

Locker Room Access to March Madness
February 28 2012

Mark your calendars (as if you needed a reminder), March Madness is about to take center court in the lives of most guys. If your favorite sports fan can’t be in Dayton, Ohio to kick off the first round of the 2012 collegiate basketball championship or finish it up at the Final Four in the New Orleans Mercedes Benz Stadium, the next best thing to being there is surprise him...

Razor Sharp Viral Video on Shaving
February 15 2012

Watch this video and you’ll wish you were the brain child behind the Dollar Shave Club, a dot com on a mission to shave a guy’s beard and his budget. With a tongue-in-cheek attitude, yet dead serious about bringing cheap razors to the masses, this company promises to send razors for a buck . . . plus shipping, every month. Of course, there is plenty of opportunity to upgrade and...
  • Personalized Golf Decanter and Rocks Glass Set

  • $75 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Featuring a classic golf design, crossed golf clubs and a ball on a tee, this classy whiskey gift-set features a large glass decanter and four highball rocks glasses with weighted...

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  • Personalized Leatherheads Vaudeville Sign (Football)

  • $158 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Personalized Vintage Vaudeville  sign. Handcrafted to the standards of the classic Vaudevillian times, this wood sign features a handmade wood frame and sculpted relief. Made by the Thousand...

  • Personalize
  • Personalized Guitar Wall Hanger

  • $68 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Personalized wall mounted guitar holder will hold any electric or acoustic guitar. Includes the Guitar Swing™ guitar holder and personalized with two lines of text.

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Personalized Men's Gift Guide

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Gifts, Ideas & Wisdom for Guys