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Nuggets of Wisdom & Gifts for Guys

Smoke Show
April 30 2014

There are few options better spent on a weekend around the house than firing up the smoker, piling on a bunch of your favorite grub and smoking out the neighborhood with the glorious smell of apple wood and hickory. I’m new to the world of smoking but so far I absolutely love it, so here is my journey. 

7 Chick Flicks Guys Just Might Be Able to Stomach This Valentine's Day
February 05 2014

This Valentine's Day, countless guys will get tricked, forced, baited, and bribed into sitting down with their girl to watch the dreaded chick flick.  This list should serve as a guide to make it a little bit more bearable for guys out there.  Yes, they're still chick flicks... [Read More]

4 Steps to Getting Back on Track with Your New Year's Resolutions
January 14 2014

It's that time.  Two weeks into the new year and you might be finding yourself struggling to keep those lofty New Year's Resolutions you set for yourself a mere 14 days ago.  Don't feel bad though... According to a study I just completely made up, over 60% of New Year's Resolutions nationwide will fall by the wayside...[Read More]

Guyville's list of the best seasonal beers...
November 14 2013

The late fall, early winter beer season is here and like any craft beer lover I have an ever growing list of possible beers to try and sample. The winter beers are usually known for offering the flavors and aromas that accompany the winter months. Seasonal brews heavy in spice, cinnamon, pine, spruce, toffee and mocha flavors are abundant this time of year...

Most Unique Gifts for men
November 13 2013

As holiday season is sure to completely surprise us like a Kansas City Chiefs win streak, we want to make sure all of you are ready. Our Classic Welded Steak Brand, complete with Branded Box rightly deserves mention on our Most Unusual gifts for men list this year. It also is rapidly becoming one our more popular items. If he's a tough to buy for guy, he will love this...

Guyville Mustache Font
November 06 2013

Being a lover of graphic design and unique fonts in particular for the last few years, I felt it necessary to share our wonderful Guyville Mustache font with anyone who is interested in partaking in all its glory. I was able to generate this font by using IcoMoon and obtaining the SVG files from The Noun Project. Please enjoy, drink, and be merry! Preview the awesome Guyville Mustache font below!...

Everybody Get Your Mo On
November 06 2013

  Mo Bros and Mo Sistas everywhere unite! Movember is underway and it's time to take a stand in support of men's health.  In case you've been never been shared the details, Movember is a worldwide event lasting the entire month of November where guys everywhere start clean-shaven on the first of the month and grow out the definitive symbol of manliness - the mustache.  These hairy symbols raise awareness...

Friends are Family Sale | October 18th - 20th
October 18 2013

We love having new friends and we want to celebrate our friendship this weekend by having a 25% OFF Sale. Please Tweet, Like, Email & smoke signal this to anyone you think would like to be our friend. Just let them know that at Guyville, our friends are family.   Use Coupon Code: FriendsAreFamily (valid 10/18/2013 - 10/20/2013)   Cheers! The Guys

Housewarming Must-Haves to Warm Up Your Cold Bachelor Pad
October 13 2013

Bachelor pads are for men. Not boys. Make it look that way. Invest some cash into your fortress of solitude. Register for cool housewarming gifts for bachelors and turn it into the place to be Saturday night. Less is More Minimalism makes your place look bigger, cleaner and manlier. Minimalism can also make your place seem as cold as a bitter stare from your ex-girlfriend. Fill your space with stuff...

Chevy Volt - Less Than 2 Cents Per Mile!
October 13 2013

Jalopnik was all over the GM's centennial celebration and the unveiling of the New Chevy Volt due out sometime in 2010 (they/we hope). I also learned that the Volt will have a top speed of 100 mph, which, let's face it, will really suck when you're traveling through Montana and the big rigs are blowing past you at 120 mph making you look foolish. I once had a GMC Jimmy...
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